Service Idea
In Hangzhou weihon energy science and technology limited company,
the whole concept of service is not only stay in the product after delivery,
but throughout the enterprise management process, all of the programs,
procedures, processes, systems and regulations around all customer-centric purposes,
because we are convinced that: customer satisfaction, our honor.
① A commitment to the customer must be done, there is no commitment, try to do as much as possible. 
② The customer is the value of our existence。
③ Beyond the expectations of the customer, even more than a little, is valuable。
④ Satisfactory service = problem solving + pleasant feeling。
After-sale Service
1. The design and production of 1. products are carried out in strict accordance with the ISO9001 system.
2. the quality control plan is formulated and carried out in full according to the plan.
Precautions for the use of batteries
1、 It is strictly forbidden to immerse the battery in water or water, and should be placed in a cool, dry environment when the storage is not used.;    
2、 No exposure to sun exposure in the sun and no exposure to Yu Xuezhong;
3、 It is forbidden to use and retain batteries near hot and high temperature sources such as fires, heaters, etc.;
4、 Please use a special charger for this type of battery pack when charging;
5、 Prohibit the use of batteries for positive and negative poles;
6、 It is forbidden to throw batteries into fire or heaters;
7、 It is forbidden to use metal directly to connect the positive and negative short circuit of the battery, and prohibit the transportation or storage of the battery with the metal, such as the hairpin, the necklace, etc.;
8、 Dismantling, self dismantling battery pack may cause danger。