Lithium battery manufacturing and customization service provider

    Digital lithium-ion battery

    Product features:
    1、The safety performance of the battery is high. There is no pollution in the environment. The company's products have passed the ISO9001 management system certification through the company. The export products have passed the international certification such as CE, UL and UN (38.3), and have reached the European Union ROHS green standard.
    2、There is no memory effect when the battery is used, and it can be used as the following.
    3、-1000次 The performance of the battery is stable and the cycle life is long. The normal use of its cycle life can reach 500-1000 times.
    4、The size of the battery is flexible and can be customized by the customer.
    Field of application:
    It is widely used in medical equipment, GPS navigator, MP3\MP4, PDA, electric massager and other high-tech consumer electronic products. Satisfied with the customer!